"After over 20 years of suffering with many digestive problems, commonly under the umbrella of "IBS", and many tests & visits to my GP, intolerance testing by a private laboratory, and years of elimination diets, I finally discovered Andy.  After about 6 months of treatments, I can now say I feel wonderful, and can eat almost anything without it having an adverse effect.  It has changed my life and I have no hesitation in recommending Andy. Thank you!" Brenda Lambert

"Amazing turn-around in my general well-being is the best way for me to describe how I feel after your assessment and subsequent treatment!  I have more energy, stamina and strength, sleeping better, not so restless, still have my gluten intolerance but my stomach is much more settled than it was. Thank you Andy for all your help!" - Irma Inwood

''When I first visited you last summer I really was very, very ill with no diagnosis. Some 2 hours later you were able to tell me exactly what was wrong and would be able to treat me. It took 3 months but I've ended up feeling better than I had for quite a long time. Things I'd accepted as 'normal for me' or blamed on 'getting older' have long since disappeared as well. I could have gradually become iller and I'm so grateful I came to see you. I wish you continued success and would not hesitate to highly recommend you.'' - Jilly Peters

''This homeopathic technique helped me overcome bad herpes simplex outbreaks. For years, I got cold sores on my lips and nose every few weeks and accompanying neuralgia down the right side of my body. I tried all the supplements, creams and prescription drugs and nothing helped as much as the remedies. It took several years of taking them regularly, but it paid off.'' - Kristen Steele

''I consulted Andrew with a rather broad set of symptoms of general lethargy, muscle and joint pain, digestive discomfort, inability to concentrate and a poor sleep pattern which traditional medicine had been unable to diagnose or treat.
I endorse absolutely the first sentence in the top testimonial, I cannot put it any better. The joint pain is unchanged but everything else is improved or gone. I feel better than I have felt for years. Thank you Andy.'' - Steve Ripley.

''I received a course of homeopathic treatment for around three months. I had very uncomfortable and energy sapping IBS mainly bloating with severe stomach cramps, that left me feeling very weak, for a couple of days. After the first month the incidences of the IBS were very infrequent and this has continued. I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew, his attention to detail and focus was first class.
Thank you Andrew.'' - Bill Beattie

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